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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Originally Posted by stevign View Post
At least in automobiles a single Sub is essential, the road eats up alot of bass sound........especially in the summer with the windows rolled down. In my house I have none at all, my Vandersteens supply all the bass I need or care about, even when I'm listening to TV through my stereo speakers. I would assume that with lesser quality and/or smaller size speakers, the more need there might be.

If one needs 2 Subs in a living room, it's god's way of telling you your living room is too big and you should send me some of your money. No checks please.
I am not familiar with Vandersteens, but unless they have powered subs included in their columns, you have no idea what you are missing. Just so you know, at one time I had columns with unpowered, passive 15" woofers and was thrilled. Now I have 10" powered subs of my favorite brand ,Infinity, and it is like being in a whole different universe. You don't have to turn them way up or anything. They just give you a new dimension in sound that you would never believe possible. I'm not knocking you. Everyone has different taste in sound. But company comes to my house and they are blown away with the fact that the floor rumbles and they hear the bass, but they can also hear all the other sound too, every little bit of it. The trouble with my earlier columns was that the bass drowned out all the other sound. Give some powereds a try. I guarantee you, you will be thrilled.
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