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Default Re: I have given up on dealers. Does anyone else feel the same?

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Some brick and mortar dealers just refuse to deal at all. The one I most frequented in Fort Worth was guilty of charging MSRP for everything, all the time, except a few times a year they'd have a 5% off sale. They have great service, but I always had that feeling of being screwed at the register.

Finally, other dealerships started carrying the brands and models I wanted, and were willing to deal - offering regular discounts of 10% - 20% off or more. My old shop in Fort Worth refused to match other brick and mortar prices, and no longer gets my business or any of my friend's business for that reason. But, I guess he really did not need it because the last time I saw him, he was showing everyone his new Ford GT.

My point is that a lot of these guys are just plain greedy, and maybe they deserve to go out of business.
Yes they are greedy and I can't understand why they won't deal especially if it is cash and carry. 5% off please it's like not even the sales tax!! I find many dealers to be arrogant and are always pushing their stuff. I bought three 802D, only one dealer was willing to negotiate, so I drove an hour and gave him my business The local dealer came to my home so I could test a new amp when he saw the 802D he said oh, why didn't you buy them from me to which I responded well I giot the right price for them.

If people where smart they would understand that unless they are willing to negotiate many people will take their business elsewhere.
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