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Default Re: I have given up on dealers. Does anyone else feel the same?

First, I have really lost my faith in dealers, hense the title. You feel that expressing any negative feelings towards a dealer is “uncivil” and incorrect. How else do I express it?

1. Who said anything about Grey Market? I am discussing how real dealers give me problems and you are bringing up side issues, irrelevant, that irritate you. Not everyone on the web, and certainly no one I have dealt, with are grey market dealers.
2. Yes, he really did save that money. Many items, working properly need no tech support. Those that don’t work can be returned, when bought from a reputable on line dealer like Amazon.
3. Stores recommend ONLY what they stock and that may not be the best for me. Good luck if you feel the salesperson is deciding what is best for you. First, he may have little knowledge; I don’t give him a test before I walk into the store. Second, (and let me say this politely) I would be naďve (I want to say foolish) to think he is acting in my interest. Further, the store here that sells Pioneer will NOT be selling their TVs anymore. Now I felt the Elite TV were the best, but they won’t have them. Do I just buy whatever new brand they get or decide I want a Panasonic which I have to get elsewhere? My friends who were salesman often pushed the units they got the most commissions for. You know that to be true.
4. “Go into better stores.” Sadly there are fewer and fewer of them. Your right, I had (and still do) use the local stores but most are gone and many now don’t stock much but just order what thay can. In other words, the concept of what you described, going to a store that has inventory is fading (at least in my neighborhood). Their business seems to have changed from stocking items to installations.
5. I’m not picking on you, honest. You said, “Better brands do not allow dealers to sell outside their market.” Well, Mark Levinson, for example, no longer has any stores in New York or New Jersey. You have to go “out of market” if I want to buy something. So why not find the best price if I have to shop elsewhere. And that really means no easy service.
6. I should stop numbering because this is really the same topic. I used to be able to compare a few products (recommended by friends or I read about it) but the stores are not there. And my STRONG point to you the few remaining dealers are not helpful. For example, hones, I had to travel to see the Krell 707 to a dealer, none were local. It took weeks to set up an appointment. Please understand my frustration when I got there the dealer did not have the unit set up and would not turn it on for me! (I think he thought I was all ready to buy it. If it was good I would have). Instead he insisted that I MUST buy an Esoteric DVD player and played that for me! Of course he played the $17,000 player. I kept asking to see the Krell in Action, to no avail. You say go to another store, but there wasn’t one! Locally that is. So that is my point about dealers, he made it impossible to buy.
7. All my stories begin with I went to a dealer but…Not I went on-line etc. Many dealers have given good advice. Listen, no one is saying you wouldn’t do your best, but it is hard to separate your kind of salesmanship from the other kind. The above Krell dealer had a very different intent than you but was saying the same thing: “Trust me, I know what is best.” Buy this unit without seeing it work. (PS the Unit was first shipped unable to do DTSHD and that was something he didn’t want to share with me)
8. I called the dealer I bought my Transparent Cable then Straight Wire. Again, the small stores really left here about the year 2000.

I agree with you on the last point. My friend owned a Camera Store in the 1960s-1980. People would come in and ask a ton of questions then go to the back of the Photo magazines and buy the camera for 10% less. Then, they would come back into the store buy a roll of film and try to get a lesson on how to use their camera. A point to you was NOT that this was right, but that this was going on before the internet.

My bigger point is that the Krell dealer took a day out of my life and was not helpful or even polite. Or the dealers who wanted hundreds for a Y cable would not give me any alternatives.

One more story? I went out of my area (near my brothers house) to listen to the Revel Salon 2 speakers. I called and made an appointment, the guy was very nice. I asked to hear them on Krell amps, which he had.

I got there and they were attached to Marantz amps. If I wanted them, he wanted nearly full price, would not give me a trade in on my speakers (which is not uncommon) BUT I had to buy his display models which were Oak (I think) and I wanted Ebony to match everything in my room. He spent 30 minutes trying to convince me to get these.

One phone call (out of state) got me a great dealer who did everything I wanted. Good price, Trade in, Right color, new speakers.
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