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Default Re: I have given up on dealers. Does anyone else feel the same?

I suppose it is because of the anonymity of the web that people feel that they can be rude and express their anger in uncivil way. Frankly, that just ends the discussion. We can continue this but in a civilized manner.

1. No one here posted anything about internet sales and specifically, Crazy Eddie who I did not know about. But as for internet shopping, welcome to the 21st century. The people who have internet sites also have families. But so do I, and I do what is best for us.

2. Internet shopping has not displaced anything; rather it has replaced mail order catalogs. Until the 1980s, stores like Lafayette, Radio Shack and Chushfield have sold stereo equipment without stores. Even Sears sold electronics over them mail. Both Mail order and Internet stores can offer products to parts of the country that simply do not have dealers, or dealers with the brands the consumer wants. Americans have always traded “full service” for lower prices. Many internet stores have great and easy return policies and tech support over the phone. My brother just bought a Blu-ray player for $225 from Amazon, when the local store priced it at $300 and would not take a penny off. He has a family too and would like to spend that $75 on them.

3. Why get mad at the consumer if he is doing what you do when you shop for a car, gasoline or anything else. Don’t you look for sales or lower prices? I shop at Costco for lower prices on food and, honestly, do not stay awake at night worrying about my local supermarket.

4. I wish that all salespeople were informed. I go into store to be greeted by a part time person who does not know very much, and gives me incomplete or wrong information. (I love it when they tell me that they have the exact model of what they are trying to sell me at their own home! But often don’t know how to use it.)

5. Price fixing is generally illegal, but dealer often do that. They even check up on each other to make sure that the “expensive and exclusive” brands are not sold at a lower price. This is America, competition is good. Haven’t you gone to two different dealers to get the best price on a car, stove, refrigerator or anything else.

6. I buy virtually of my equipment from the local dealer and I would not want to sacrifice service for a little money. Except a lot of dealers have bad service and no real tech support (meaning no one to answer my questions. But why would you complain if someone opts to buy a different product somewhere else. Your implication, of course, is that your opinion is the only one that is correct and people could not prefer Oppos (which I have never heard of) to Pioneer.

7. That gets into another issue. If a dealer cannot convince you that his stuff is better they often go to the “there all the same” route. I have actually, twice, been insulted by a dealer for wanting a different product than he sold.

8. Finally, just last week, I wanted to buy a “Y” cable using balanced connectors and not the traditional RCA ones. The local stores wanted $300 and $600 for them. I got them at an on-line place my friend uses for $25. I’m happy. So is my family.
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