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Default Re: I have given up on dealers. Does anyone else feel the same?

Originally Posted by wes View Post
I can not agree more these Dealers think they have a monopoly, which is why like you I don't mind driving several hours to save thousands of dollars The dealers that dont get it will continue loosing customers, now if only we could deregulate health care and be able to shop across state lines we would not need nationalized health care
Well, jeez it couldn't possibly be because people are "demanding" that they lower their retail price to the same or lower than 'Crazy Internet Eddie' who has no overhead and doesn't have to actually employ anybody or pay them a living wage with benefits. Oh, and have you tried getting warranty service from 'Crazy Internet Eddie'? No, you probably went to your local dealer and expected them to take care of your internet purchased product and got mad at them when they told you they only can service what they sell. Yeah, the nerve those big meanies.

Seriously, you all lament dealers, but then you buy online. What do you expect exactly? Oh, you want them to sell cheaper than you can get it online. And ef the fact that there are living breathing people there who work there for a living, and who actually can offer, advice, support, installation, etc. that 'Crazy Internet Eddie' cannot. Because they are....shudder.....salespeople. So ef not only those evil salespeople, but their families too right? Oh, except for when you have a question and need to burn their time for a while before you go out and find it cheaper online.

And you all scream for discounts, but then pay full asking price for the Oppos and Outlaws of the world. Ever compared an Oppo to a comparably priced Pioneer Elite? Who needs to, the forum says its the bestest ever! The only people who think otherwise are those big bad dealers and their big bad salespeople.

To those of you use the internet for some research and then support your local specialty dealer, I thank you. The rest of you can go take your chances with Eddie and you deserve what you get.....just like those big bad salespeople do!!!
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