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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

For decades, I dismissed the impact of cabling, except that which ran from a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge into a preamp. I simply could not imagine that cables could make a significant audible difference.

Since George W. Bush will say something intelligent before I ever play an LP again, cables became TOTALLY irrelevent... UNTIL I participated in a double blind test that compared ordinary power cables and interlinks (we did not test speaker cables) to cables and a power conditioner from a company named Shunyata.

The difference was so conspicuous that I actually started to laugh. What a joy it is to have some pre-conceived notion blown to bits in an instant. While this is an exaggerated analogy, it was not unlike listening to someone speak while having water in your ear, and then the water runs out. Detail, placement and depth of soundstage were NOTICABLY improved.

It was quite a discovery for me. is offline   Reply With Quote