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Cool Re: $2500 for L/R/C speakers, what do I audition?

I've listened to a lot of speakers in the last year & a half but I bought the Paradigm Studio 60 L&R & the Studio CC590 center channel.
The Mini MkII's were wore out, I sent them in to be rebuilt & they will go to the rear surrounds & I picked up a pair of Paradigm Mini monitors for the side surrounds until I get the dedicated theater built & then I'll get the Paradigm Studio ADP 590 surrounds.

The Studio series speakers mated with the Denon 3808ci really sounds amazing even in my living room, a HUGE difference over my old performer series bookshelf speakers.

I listened to speakers in a wide range of prices & when your talking "bang for the buck" you just can't beat Paradigm!
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