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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by levoncam
The two simplest answers are different converter technologies and , perhaps just as important, different analogue components.
Anyone who can't AT LEAST hear a difference through a truly high end rig is wasting their time on this thread.
The differences between HDCD an non HDCD on encoded discs, was obvious in an almost distorted sense of depth. The Theta Gen V was undeniably magical in its ability to impart body, and space to the instruments and the recorded room. I have never heard d/a's in higher price ranges (many exist) but for under 6k retail that bad boy stood ALONE.
On a side mote, we were not Theta Dealers and it ****ed me off that the Gen V was so frickin' good.

Hey man, we level matched and not a word was said by the switcher at any time during my evaluation.

Do you believe that all amplifiers and preamps sound alike?
Again this is 100% subjective, why not go for the machina dynamica teleportation tweak?

Originally Posted by rs350z
there is a big difference in sound quality between a good top of the line receiver and a top of the line high end processor/amp combination. i have both types of systems in my house. i have always had the top of the line HT yamaha receiver and a separate audio system. my yamaha or my onkyo ht receivers hooked up to my totem mani 2's sound terrible. these receivers claim 140+ watts of power but realistically, they are very weak in the amp category. my amp used in my audio setup is bigger and heavier than either of the ht receivers. so what i do now is use the ht receiver for the center and surround channels and route the front signals thru a quality 2 channel preamp/amp combination. i have also demo'd a newer classe ssp ht processor/amp combo against my ht receiver and the classe has more power (drives the speakers better), cleaner sound (non-fatiguing), more enjoyable to listen to, but also 3 or 4 times the cost. IMO, worth every penny.
Amps are easily measureable like everything else and as long as the amp can properly drive the speakers there will be no sonic difference, this has been backed up with many double blind tests.

Originally Posted by gstarr
the Anthem AVM-50 and Anthem D2 which cost between $5K and $8K are both great with far superior build quality to the Integra. Not that Integra is built poorly, it is built with good quality commercial receiver-type enclosure. The Anthems are built with far more expensive machined metal, rather than the pressed steel on most rerceivers.
Not really, the anthem D2 internalt pictures don't look spcial.

Originally Posted by rlpiii
It always seems like those starting this type of discussion have not done the critical listening first, they just post pics. and questions.
Really? It seams like the high end is not interested in critical listening since they are against double blind tests.

Originally Posted by wes
Classé has two 64bit Ti Chips and many other attribute including decoding all the new codecs, that makes it an amazing sounding pre/pro.
Did they release the new DSPboards yet? Anyways they do not offer better processing then the integra and remember that DD and DTS is decoded the same way and set by those companies.

Originally Posted by wes
Now, yes I wished Classé would sell their pre/pro at $2000 but then again they need to pay the Canadian labor rate rather than slave labor where Integra is made in China! This is why Classé has to sell it for more, in addition the touch panel is great as it allows to pre-screen movies or music
So you agree that the extra money does not go for better parts?

Originally Posted by graniterocks
I have also found that when you get to a level of Classe Pre/Pros and a few other brands, (I have owned two different Classe models, but I am not a dealer) you experience a whole new level of dynamics, clarity, openess as well as improvement in 2 channel audio quality. Obviously the amps you have them hooked up to make a difference as well, but even when using the same amps, source, cables, speakers etc, you still hear differences from processor to processor. Why that is I can't really say, I just know that I hear a difference.
Cables don't make a difference, this has been proven long ago so I take this with a grain of salt and nothing more then your subjective opinion.
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