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Originally Posted by ChiefTK View Post
I received the Blu-Ray movie 12 Rounds from Netflix a few days ago and while the previews played just fine, neither the Theatrical Version nor the Unrated Version would play on my Oppo. I sent the disc back and requested another.
I just received the replacement and again the previews played but not the movie. I then connected my Pioneer BDP 05FD and produced the same results. The previews played but not the movie. These are two pretty decent players so I strongly suspect the discs were defective; however, it would be unusual for two separate discs to have the same problem.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue on this movie?
Yes, Oppo has a software fix, the studio are stupid they keep changing the encoding to prevent theft but the hackers could care less it is consumers that pay the price.

12 Rounds is a real "navet" don't bother
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