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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

I agree if you have Polk or bose speakers don't bother buyin Classé SSP-800 on the other hand if you have B&W 800 series or Focal Grand Utopia or any high end speakers then you will hear a difference. Now an other option I have seriously consider when I change my system in ten years or so I will look at what they use in recording studios around the world Genelec powered speakers and DSP controled then all you need is a good transport like the Oppo and you are free of pre/pro and amps

Of course Abbey Road uses B&W 800D and Classé CA-M400 ( owned by B&W) but that is because they want to support the locals

Five 800D bi-amped with two Classé CA-400 monobloks each
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