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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

I posted to this discussion previously and still maintain that for the most part the claims made by cable manufacturers and sales people is snake oil.

I've been involved in the audio industry manufacturing speakers and electronics. One of my best friends is a well known audio engineer.

And, his opinion is cables are snake oil. Cables are a profit center for hi fi stores whether it is a big box or your local high end boutique. One of the posters stated and is correct in that the markup or margin for cables is 50% or higher.

Another friend of mine is a recording engineer and his studio used Mogami cable through out the recording process. He was of the same opinion.

IF a store can persuade a customer to purchase Siltech or Transparent cables for example the store can make a couple thousand dollars profit on a system with cables alone.

If the customer is happy or you are happy, great!!

BUT my experience is Caveat emptor!!

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