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Unhappy Re: HD Disc Format War Heats Up For The Fall

My belief is that the mainstream consumers know about the Beta vs VHS format war of the past and are not going to buy either until the winner of this battle is clear. They won't buy both players.

If the war continues to a stalemate, kiss the format goodbye. Something better will beat both of them eventually if they don't get their acts together.

As a content providor (we make a series of photography related DVDs) we can't afford to do both formats, especially when so few players of either type are out there.

I disagree that the average person, content with MP3 quality audio, is going to think that the quality of HD video from a DVD player is significantly better than the HD they get from their cable box or satelite dish. I use a front projection system with a 108" screeen which I watch from less than 10 feet away and the Comcast cable HD programming is very good.
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