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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Having 2 subwoofers is often a big improvement, bedcause due to the very long wave lengths of bass, there are often nulls and over-and-under emphasis in some regions. The two subwoofers often help that situation by filling the "blank" spots and smoothing out the others.

The most important thing you can do for your listening room (besides getting very good speakers) is using acoustic treatments, such as bass traps, room diffusers, etc. The room is far more important to sound quality than any of your electrical components.

I was recently fortunate to have won a hi-fi contest and received a NeptunEQ (MSRP $4K). It does an incredible job and smoothing out any acoustical problem areas in your room. But no component is so perfect that some room treatment won't improve.

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