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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

"Belkin cannot speak for any wires other than the ones they make. Why would other companies tell you to break in cables if they dont have too. What do they have to gain?"

The fact is Belkin CAN often speak for other speaker wire suppliers, as they are the one's (including some Chinese companies--for pricing reasons)that often make and package the wires for these companies. Most of the famous and expensive supposed wire manufacturers are nothing except a warehouse and office from which they ship product to wholesalers and retailers. Belkin even makes silver wire in huge quantities.

"I read a long statement by one of the execs at Audioquest (I think it was that company) who believes you do need to break them in. I strongly disagree with the statement: occurs between the ears of the listener - nowhere else.
I have asked many a manufacturer what cable they use, they are reluctant to tell, but often do. They do not want to see themselves as endorsing a cable. This would create many problems for them, many of their dealers may not have that cable. Not one high end person has told me that cables do not make a difference."

Did the Audioquest exec cite any electrical reasons why wire needs to break in? Of course not. There are none. There are only wishy-washy feel good nonsense statements with no scientific grounding. Denon, Harman Kardon, Yamaha, etc. always recommend their own products. If they thought a particular wire was beneficial they would sell it and recommend it. They don't. Of course the retail dealers would be ****ed if they did recommend a specific wire. But the reason isn't because they might not sell that particular wire, it is because the receiver manufacturers realize they would mightily ****-off the dealers that sell their products because wire and interconnects are extremely profitable for them and if the manufacturers said that any good quality wire would do, the dealers would be left in a sorry small profit situation where "the emperor has no clothes".

Polk used to sell their own wire, but dealers complained about them cutting into their main profit areas--so Polk relented and stopped selling wire, which--by the way, they didn't produce to begin with. Heck, McIntosh used to zip cord and other low tech stuff at hi-fi shows, but they stopped when they embarrassed listeners. A few listeners noted that their system sounded wonderful and what wires were they using. You could imagine their embarrassment when the truth hit them.

I know I won't convince most of those that want to believe in wire break-in and the audible difference of wires. Just as you won't convince a Muslim that Christianity is the way, or vice versa. People generally hold on to their belief systems and that is just as true in the audiophile world. Maybe even more so, because there is money involved. Afterall, look how many advertisements there are for wire and interconnects in Stereophile, which is undoubtedly near the biggest offender of the SUBJECTIVE view on audio, rather than the OBJECTIVE view.

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