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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Heats Up For The Fall

Unfortunately, being a format war, both sides will never give their full support to a combo player. The only way I see that happening is if there is a stand-off.

The current LG combo player lacks support by HD DVD and is hit or miss when playing software titles as to which ones will play correctly. Also, previous reviews of the player have shown that the quality of the audio and video processors in the unit are subpar.

The expensivity of the players in both formats, the lack of quality movies, and the idea of being stuck with choosing the wrong format if one does happen to win (ie LaserDisc), I think has the majority of consumers waiting it out.

The manufacturers have not been able to convey to the consumers the profound audio/video quality difference between SD DVD and HD DVD/Blu-ray. And to truly get the impact of either format the majority of interested consumers would still have to buy a new receiver to decode the Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master HD soundtracks and get a new HDTV (again) that supports the acceptance of true 1080p signals and HDMI 1.3 for DeepColor in addition to the Blu-ray/HD DVD player.

Why would any consumer want to spend that money and then deal with the frustrations of the supposedly seemless, single cable HDMI connection?

I don't like to rag on the companies but I think that totally screwed up. The timing of the technologies doesn't work for consumers. DVD came about and then the need for HDTVs took off and thus perpetuating the need for HD Content from cable and satellite providers. BUT it seems backwards to then release a high-definition technology that requires you to purchase a whole other home theater setup.

CRT TVs lasted a long time for consumers. They finally make the leap to an HDTV and now you are telling them that "oh, sorry but that 6 month old HDTV won't display the true compabilities of these next-generation formats." Thank you very much, I think I'll stick with DVD. At least that format works with my equipment.
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