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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by Celt16 View Post
It goes beyond what parts they use to how they stand behind and service it too - the best parts in the world won't make up for bad service.

On that note, I have to trumpet the service folks at Classe and B&W for their 1st class service and help when something goes amiss. I'll also ding Anthem on the same point - speaking from my own personal experience - Classe soared, while Anthem sorely disappointed to the point where I sold my months-old Anthem pre-amp and bought Classe. I never looked back.

I know other folks have had good experiences with Anthem - not my intention to bash them undeservedly - but mine were not, repeatedly. C'est la vie! Kudos to Tom McConville and his whole staff at Classe in Quebec, and the B&W boys up in Reading MA.
YES YES YES Classé customer service and responsiveness is outstanding which is why I bought Classé. Have you ever tried dealing with Integra/Onkyo customer service, I had to write to the CEO in the US to get a response and don't get me started with Denon they are even worst....

On an other note Seleco is also crappy customer service never again, JVC Pro has great customer service especially on the West Coast.
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