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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Thank you for clearing things up.

MY ONLY PHYSICS PART WAS: “every component in a reaction changes in reaction.” I did not mean that to apply to any other part of my post and I should have made that clear.

Even recently, I felt that my new Transparent Speaker Cables sounded better 12-245 hours after I first plugged them in. I listen to them at first, let them run for the day and came home and felt that they sounded much better and smoother.

Recently, I turned on my headphones, using wires I had not used in years. (I moved the headphone amp three feet and needed a longer wire.) For the first hour or two it sounded so harsh that I thought I had mucked something up. A few hours later it sounded just right.

Wes, Come on electrons need to feel warm and cozy before they will move. My brother in law is just like that too.
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