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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

It goes beyond what parts they use to how they stand behind and service it too - the best parts in the world won't make up for bad service.

On that note, I have to trumpet the service folks at Classe and B&W for their 1st class service and help when something goes amiss. I'll also ding Anthem on the same point - speaking from my own personal experience - Classe soared, while Anthem sorely disappointed to the point where I sold my months-old Anthem pre-amp and bought Classe. I never looked back.

I know other folks have had good experiences with Anthem - not my intention to bash them undeservedly - but mine were not, repeatedly. C'est la vie! Kudos to Tom McConville and his whole staff at Classe in Quebec, and the B&W boys up in Reading MA.
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