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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by gstarr View Post
The Integra DHC-9.9 at MSRP $2,000 has a 3 year warranty. I was able to buy one new for $1450. You could buy 3 to 5 DHC-9.9's for evry Bryston SP2's (MSRP $6300) and Classe SSP-800's (MSRP $8000).

If anything should go wrong after 3 years with the Integra and you don't have additional warranty (most electronics go bad very soon if they are a lemon), then you have more than enough extra money to buy a new one. Plus the Integra has far more features and the latest audio codecs, which most of the audio jewelry brands don't. It even has an amazing set of ISF ccc certified video controls that are likely far more advanced than anything in your HDTV, although I would recommend hiring an ISF technician (who has the very expensive measuring electronics) to get the best performance on each of your video inputs.

That isn't to say that if someone wanted to trade me a Classe SSP-800 for the Integra DHC-9.9 I wouldn't be very tempted to get that gorgeous piece of audio jewelry, but I would be somewhat shocked if it sounded any betterand I wouldn't be at all suprised if I couldn't perform numerous functions that the Integra can. Every speaker and room has far more distortion related problems then any well-built and designed receiver, audio surround processor, or amplifier. ......

Look the integra has a great laundry list of features that is great but how does it sound ! My thing is sound comes first. I only watch Blu Ray 80% and 20% DVD and my JVC RS2 was calibrated by an ISF technician.

On the other hand music is essential so all those features won't do me any good with SACD and good recorded CDs or for that matter my music media server with uncompressed music.

Quality is what I am after not quantity, I know we live in the land of the fat and obese 65% of the population.

Classé has two 64bit Ti Chips and many other attribute including decoding all the new codecs, that makes it an amazing sounding pre/pro. For my video my Oppo BDP-83 combined with the JVC RS2 makes a killer image. I don't need additional video processing as I never watch TV which is garbage anyway.

Now, yes I wished Classé would sell their pre/pro at $2000 but then again they need to pay the Canadian labor rate rather than slave labor where Integra is made in China! This is why Classé has to sell it for more, in addition the touch panel is great as it allows to pre-screen movies or music

Trust me I am not saying Classé is perfect as I wished they incorporated Audyssey, Trinnov or Neptune Audio but they won't !!!
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