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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

People do not have to agree with me. However saying things in the manner of “ Not much physics here."Breaking In" wires is audio voodoo.” Does not add to the conversation, is demeaning and is not worthy of any further comment.

Gstar and I obviously disagree but he states his case very well. I do believe that wires need to be broken in. I am NOT familiar with Belkin’s policies or process. So I can change my statement to some wires need to be broken in. I have heard the difference, but I have never used Belkin audio cables.

“No doubt, everything makes a difference, but what is important is whether the difference is audible. The tiniest variation in cable resistance, induction, and capacitance can be measured, but this doesn't mean that you will hear a difference, let alone an "improvement". This to me is absolute true statement. However, different wires sound different. I should also mention that I found that balanced cables, when properly used, usually sound better than RCA, at least in my system.

Belkin cannot speak for any wires other than the ones they make. Why would other companies tell you to break in cables if they don’t have too. What do they have to gain? I read a long statement by one of the execs at Audioquest (I think it was that company) who believes you do need to break them in. I strongly disagree with the statement: “occurs between the ears of the listener - nowhere else.”

I have asked many a manufacturer what cable they use, they are reluctant to tell, but often do. They do not want to see themselves as endorsing a cable. This would create many problems for them, many of their dealers may not have that cable. Not one high end person has told me that cables do not make a difference.

Statements like “(except maybe those whose hearing ability is similar to a dog's)” again are insulting. What I am to say that manufactures have hearing like a dog. That does not make your case well. It just ends the discussion.

Several friends of mine, who were stereo dealers, did suggest why wires became a profit center: CD players. Apparently record player needles were the original Profit Center on many purchases. As Gstar mentioned, Monster Cable started a whole new trend.
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