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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

"Scientifically, and this is a little bit of a physics lesson, every component in a reaction changes in reaction. So if you’re changing electrical energy to sound energy anything, everything in the process changes the results a little bit. Therefore all wires act as some sort of filter on your system."

No doubt, everything makes a difference, but what is important is whether the difference is audible. The tiniest variation in cable resistance, induction, and capacitance can be measured, but this doesn't mean that you will hear a difference, let alone an "improvement".

Look at the cable and wire manufacturer Belden, who makes most domestic wire and cables for other companies. Anyone can buy their best cables and wires--a good spot is Blue Jeans cable. Most other purchases of wire and cable come from China. Belden gives all measurements on their cables and wires, but they don't make outlandish claims, such as "this cable needs to be broken in". Cable 'break-in' is a myth, and is perpetuated by those with something to hide or a belief to keep intact - no-one has ever been able to show that there is any scientific justification to the claim, nor shown that the performance has changed in any way whatsoever. Cable break-in is real, and occurs between the ears of the listener - nowhere else (most certainly not in the cable).

Without exception, the major amplifier, receiver, and A/V surround preamp manufacturers don't rely on their ears as a guide. They measure everything measureable and then they measure more and more before anyone actually gets to hear one. How much of of this research has gone into wires and cables by the sellers of expensive wire and cables? I don't think we even have to answer that question.

So much has been researched into wires and cables decades ago that the major component manufacturers don't bother anymore. How many manufacturers of even the most expensive brands recommend a particular cable or wire? None, except maybe those that sell re-branded cabling--and I doubt even those make any outlandish claims. As long as the wire or cable is of sufficient diameter and designed with proper RF shielding, then all people (except maybe those whose hearing ability is similar to a dog's) will discern any audible difference.

All this wire nonsense can be traceable to the early 70's, when Monster Cable started their marketting blitzes. Other re-branding companies eventually jumped in the fray, as they saw "gold in them thar hills". And the wire retailers often make more money on interconnects and wires then they do on systems. That is a major reason the big manufacturers that sell receivers, pre-amps, and amps keep away from the wire debate and don't recommend any particular wire or interconnect. They don't want to ****-off the retailers.

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