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Default Re: I have given up on dealers. Does anyone else feel the same?

I had enjoyed products from ďFamous MakerĒ for 25 years and for all of that time used one dealer. He dropped that product line and, within a few years, so did the four other dealers in my state. I called the company to ask where the closest dealer was. It took them two months to respond.

During this time, I went WAY out of state to a dealer that my brother uses. I bought a surround sound unit and CD player. It wasnít a bad situation but not convenient. Then the manufacturer finally called and finally gave me a reasonably close dealer, who was out of state. (I told them that I wished they had gotten back to me sooner, I bought the two units elsewhere. It was not a issue for them.

From the new dealer, I bought three speakers, wiring and a DVD player costing nearly $30,000. He was excellent, responsive, gave good service and I was more that satisfied. He was going to be my dealer.

When the new dealer discovered that I had bought the other units for another dealer, he first ignored my phone calls. I had called to buy a TV set. Finally, he got on the phone and yelled at me! He was nasty and told me he was telling the manufacturer, implying, I believe, that he could void my warranty. He wanted to punish me, forgetting about the $30,000 I just gave him in the middle of a recession.*

I have been waiting for an apology, but I donít expect one. Meanwhile, my brother and I have bought a TV, two blue ray players, and a sacd player, brands he carried, but not from him.

*Two items:
In some ways this was not his fault, so had he tried to "make up" I would have forgotten about it. Had Famous Maker called and set things up two months earlier there might have been a different outcome. The new dealer didnít originally know that part, that I had agreed to buy these units from another dealer before I even knew the new guy existed. The other thing, quite frankly, is price shopping.

Exclusive dealers donít like the idea that this is America and you can shop for price. The distant dealer gave me a lot more for my trade ins and made it to my economic advantage to stick with him. Neither gave me a great deal in the retail price, one just gave me a much better trade in.
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