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Default Re: Klipsch or Paradigm? Will they work with my receiver?

I was looking at the Klipsch Rf-82 or Paradigm 11 V.5 for the fronts. As for the center and rears, I'll leave the Energy speakers since they are fine.

Will this cause a major imbalance in the other speakers or the subwoofer because of the speaker change?
Maybe not an imbalance per se but the front 3 speakers need to be matched. With that being the case, I would suggest that you get the right, left and center all manufactured by the same company and timbre matched. If not you may/will have problems with the volume and sound of the center channel (the single most important speaker in a surround system). Your Energy speakers should be fine for the surround channels.

My amp pushes 105W per channel which is a decent amount so will it be enough to drive the klipschs or paradigms?
That should be plenty of power for any of those speakers.

Also, what are your personal opinions on the two speakers, which one should I pick?
I would choose the Paradigms as they are not as shrill as the Klipsch and have been rated some of the best speakers available in their price range for many, many years. I own many sets of speakers, Klipsch and Paradigm included and must say that Paradigm is the clear winner (unless you want to purchase the expensive Klipschorns) and even then it is debatable.

Hope this helps.
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