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Default Klipsch or Paradigm? Will they work with my receiver?

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here.

I have the following equipment at the moment.

Energy take classic 5.1 ( )
Yamaha RX-V463 ( )

I'm looking to upgrade now and was having a tough time answering a few questions here goes.

I was looking at the Klipsch Rf-82 or Paradigm 11 V.5 for the fronts. As for the center and rears, I'll leave the Energy speakers since they are fine.

Will this cause a major imbalance in the other speakers or the subwoofer because of the speaker change?

My amp pushes 105W per channel which is a decent amount so will it be enough to drive the klipschs or paradigms?

Also, what are your personal opinions on the two speakers, which one should I pick?

I tried the klipsch speakers and they sounded really nice but I have yet to try the paradigms but from what I've read, they have a more softer and pleasant listening note to them.
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