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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by Steve Bruzonsky View Post
I was wondering if anyone had some objective data or even and explanation as to why a high end processor would sound better then a low end processor/receiver. I understand that subjective listening plays a role in what people prefer and that some audiophiles look at audio more as a hobby but is there a hardware reason that impacts sound quality? I am not talking about double blind tests and the side that states everything sounds the same but as of yet I have not found any objective data that would justify this night and day difference. I have searched the internet for sometime and found a profile on photobucket that has quite a selection of photo's, yes some people will know the name but it is irrelevant, I will post them below. Mods if you want to change all the IMG pictures back into a text link that is ok.

If you are going to post something along the lines of the high end having a better design or using better parts could you please post some information to clarify those statements.

Thank you.
It seems like you are recycling old threads:
Lexicon MC-12 and high end processors, you pay for the name.
The guy that started it was banned.

Those running the forum now, might not care anymore though.

It always seems like those starting this type of discussion have not done the critical listening first, they just post pics. and questions.
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