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Default Re: new tv for me!! help me decide!!

Originally Posted by gstarr View Post
If you can get a good deal on a Pioneer or Pioneer Elite Kuro plasma, you will have a great HDTV. Even though Pioneer has stopped producing them, all warranties will be honored for as long as you own the set (not that anything is likely to go awry). The blacks and the gradations of grey to black are better then any other HDTV and this is what creates great contrast. A couple of the Panasonic plasma's are excellent too, although slightly below the excellence of Pioneer. If you have a very bright room you can also consider one of the very good Samsung LED LCD's, although in the larger screen sizes they are quite expensive compared to plasma's.

Thanks for the info. I do have a quite a bright room with very light walls. Will that hurt a plama's picture?? Yes I have noticed that the Samsung LED LCD's are quite expensive and I don't really want to go smaller than the 60" I have now. It seems like 60 "chers are very hard to find right now. Thanks again.
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