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Default Re: what is your favourite tv show?

Ah...LOST one of the best TV series I have had the pleasure of watching since Smallville lost its magic. This series has everything drama, romance, mystery and a bit of comedy but most importantly it has suspense! This is one of those shows that always leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat, there is not one episode of LOST where I don't ask myself questions about the plot and characters, I think that's what attracts most viewers, the show is intended to keep us guessing on what will happen next, but it also deals with and issue that in my opinion is one of the greatest universal issues of all time and that is, letting go of the past, each episode has sort of a short story concerning one character and the life he lead before getting stranded on the island, this in my opinion is a great way for the viewers to really get to know the characters and it also provides an explanation as to why the character's attitude is the way it is.
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