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Talking Multi channel marketing

Even if WEA released DVD-Audio titles in 24-192 stereo with some other goodies - it would help the audiophile community as well as be a high profit albeit low volume place to sell music.

Bose proves that you can sell a LOT of speakers in places ranging from Circuit to outlet malls to the New York Times to infomercials and beyond.

Why can't WEA sell high resolution music as one of its many niche? The records are alreay made. The same customers would re-buy their collections if they did 5.1 mixes with other supplementals.

Start with Zep. Do the YES catalog. Metallica. All 24-192. Cool added value goodies. Clips from live concerts that could be sold in their entirity later.

C'mon guys. It makes sense.

Jerry Del Colliano
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