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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
Any home theater dealer pretty much has to sell Bose. Most women prefer Bose. Not much will talk them out of it.
Having sold Bose and other sub/sat systems in the past, I can vouch for the above statement. One time a whole family of four came in and asked to hear the Bose Acoustimass xx.x, I politely obliged. Then I told them of the other great sub/sat systems they should hear before deciding. They hesitated but politely agreed to hear the others (at the time, Boston Acoustics and Energy Take 5's and Polks). I A,B,C,and D'd them all (blind test volume compensated for efficiency) and asked them to pick the ones they liked the most. Not surprisingly, NONE of them picked the Bose. All these others were less expensive, superior products. When I pointed out which speakers they chose (Energy and Bostons), they were surprised. Then I went in for the close and asked them which ones they would like to take home today. They all said in unison, Bose!"
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