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Default Re: $1,000 in-ear headphones? Have I lost my mind....

Originally Posted by AppleByter View Post
I currently have the Etymotic Research ER4's and am very interested in hearing your opinions on the differences between them and the UE-10's, both in terms of sound quality and comfort. I use the ER4's for noise isolation on long flights and also for mixing sound recordings. I don't have ear molds for the ER4's.

No question the UE10's sound better. Better bass. More dynamic.

I HATE the way the cables hang from the ears or need to be tucked behind. I personally find that very uncomfortable.

I would recomend you get the custom ear molds made. It takes some effort but is worth it.

I also recomend you are really careful as the ends of the er4's EASILY break off. I have broken 2 pairs already.
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