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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by levoncam View Post
Fifteen years ago I would completely agree. Like Japan did in the early 1960's (when "Made in Japan" meant Junk!) they have improved steadily.
Also I think that the actual parts spec'd out by each manufacturer for assembly in China make quite a bit of difference. There is a reason a Sony XBR 8 that has the exact same panel as a Samsung LED backlit model weighs a third more. Some companies pay more attention to the "unsexy" aspects of their products and warrant them accordingly.

Well, in these Chinese factories, the workers live on the property in dorms....if they hear that Denon is paying more
down the stree
then they leave for a few yen more. The turnover is very high and their is no concern for quality.

When Sony made televisions in Rancho Bernardo, CA they had high quality and people were willing to pay more
and sony got a premium price. Sony televisions are now in Mexico and the reliability has nose dived.
Same with Mitsubishi ...they had the market in big screen TV as they were made in El Toro, CA next to the former
El Toro Marine Air Station. The televisions were great and reliable. Mitsubishi moved to Mexico and they have lost
market share and actually have a class action suit for product failures for the rear projection televisions.
Americans build products better than any other nation.
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