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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by Steve Bruzonsky View Post
I bet, funny thing is that every DBT that has been published no one could tell the difference. What would make these DAC's sound different from one another?
The two simplest answers are different converter technologies and , perhaps just as important, different analogue components.
Anyone who can't AT LEAST hear a difference through a truly high end rig is wasting their time on this thread.
The differences between HDCD an non HDCD on encoded discs, was obvious in an almost distorted sense of depth. The Theta Gen V was undeniably magical in its ability to impart body, and space to the instruments and the recorded room. I have never heard d/a's in higher price ranges (many exist) but for under 6k retail that bad boy stood ALONE.
On a side mote, we were not Theta Dealers and it ****ed me off that the Gen V was so frickin' good.

Hey man, we level matched and not a word was said by the switcher at any time during my evaluation.

Do you believe that all amplifiers and preamps sound alike?

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