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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by levoncam View Post
i have sold high end audio and video for around twenty years. i did one blind test on digiital to analogue converters at the behest of a friend who was "diving in". he quietly swiched cabling on 4 great pieces (matching levels had been done prior with an spl meter) and i could tell EVERY TIME which was which during probably 5-6 passes through. the weirdest was 2 ps audio ultalink II's -one with HDCD and one without- they were as expected tonally identical but spacially very different on HDCD discs. the sonic frontiers was excellent as well but EVERY TIME he connected the THETA GEN V there was magic.
i believe i could have done this on a mid-fi system as well, but with a revealing system like his- krell, krell, top level tara labs and thiel 7.2' was easy.
I bet, funny thing is that every DBT that has been published no one could tell the difference. What would make these DAC's sound different from one another?
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