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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

Originally Posted by ChiefTK View Post
Does the recently released Classé SSP-800 yet decode Dolby HD and DTS-MA? I heard this unit at a Kansas City audio dealer's showroom a few months ago and it did not decode the HD codecs. I was advised that Classé was having a difficult time getting the chipset they needed to provide this audio feature.

Would there be any difference between the D2v and SSP-800 using the processor's pass-through capability? I inquire about this since I prefer to use the DAC's in my Esoteric for CD and SACD.

I have ordered the Anthem but am seriously tempted to cancel it based on your information. You've listened to each processor back-to-back in a static system. I've got to respect that.
The new chipset for the dual DSP's is under testing now and will be shipped with new SSP-800's tentatively around the end of August. It is NOT a case of them having any difficulty. Just going thru testing. BUT.....ANYONE who knows what they're talking about will tell you that the actual decoding process is more like unzipping a zipped Windows file than a performance task. And to utilize BD-Live you HAVE to decode in the player and send it to the processor as LPCM (preferably over HDMI), where the performance-related tasks take place, namely the digital-to-analog conversion, electronic delay and level setting, etc. We're all just used to this being done in the processor so this seems new. Now one POTENTIAL advantage of decoding in the processor is that the audio signal is less prone to jitter when in bitstream form than when it has been decoded to PCM. Even then, the difference would be minimal at best even in a very high end system. As for your Esoteric, I would guess you would want to send it to the Classe's balanced analog input where it will undergo no DSP of any kind. Anyone getting a D2 over an SSP-800 is just not listening to the products and more likely reading forums as gospel.
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