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Anyone who thinks silver or quality cable don't do anything is dreaming. That said, Kimber 8TC is a very good speaker cable. Kimber also makes a quite expensive, KCAG or hybrid silver cables. Both are excellent and (here is the key) they are not bright at all, but very well balanced. I have used Home Grown cables. The are very clear, clean and detailed. Their failing to me is in sound-staging and having a bit too much brightness or too little bass and warmth. Here is the key, however, they cost so much less that it is apples and oranges. HG are great for the money and even a bit more. Kimbers are just plain great, even for their cost. If I liked the warmer sound and had to pick, I'd go with 8TC. If I was willing to give up some richness for extra detail, I would go with HG. If I wanted both and could afford it, I'd move up the Kimber line. Hope that helps.
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