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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

Originally Posted by thierry B View Post
have you ever listened to the 502 ?
Yes, in the same system where we had the SSP-800. In other words, SSP-800 in, then out replaced for testing by 502, no other changes. It was not even close. The SSP-800 was WILDLY BETTER. Why you'd spend the extra for something that was behind the times technology-wise when it was released and by a company that has been thru such exhausting changes is your perogative. Frankly it sounded like a Lexicon, which makes sense since many of Levinson's engineers left after the initial Madrigal purge and left for companies like.....CLASSE! But if you want something that sounds better for $27,000 LESS and by a company on the upswing backed by one of the most successful companies in the industry (B&W Group), then I'd suggest an SSP-800. To be fair, at this point, Levinson's two-channel stuff is still incredible, but I think the 502 was a misstep and not the equal of its predecessor, the Media Console No.40. Of course, the engineer largely responsible for that is now working for......wait for it.......CLASSE!
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