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Question Re: ML 502 Media Console

Originally Posted by Captain Stereo View Post
The $8,000 Classe SSP-800 blows it away. Not even close. Did a direct comparison in the same system. Had a customer return his D2 to get a Classe because the Classe sounds so much better (he concurs after having it in his system). The Classe was intended to be released at around $11,000 retail, but they made a strategic decision to release it at $8,000 to make it more price competitive with the D2s of the world. If you're a spec hunter and feature guy, get the D2. If it needs to be really really expensive to make you feel it's truly high end, get the 502. If you want the best sounding surround processor in the world, get the SSP-800 and with your saved money, get real cables and power conditioning.
have you ever listened to the 502 ?
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