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Default Death by Corporate Suicide

Companies like SONY et al have been committing a slow suicide

for some years and this morning I was reminded again.

I set up a second HT set up in the bedroom using my older Sony DVD/CD changer model 655P.

Because of a lack of conformity of remotes....I need one for the amp, dvd, tv etc and I was cleaning

the bedroom and must of moved a remote with promptly turned off the digital audio output from

the SonyDVD play that was playing a CD. So I went through replacing the digital cable and a lot

of things without results. I dug up the manual and after going through three menus with all kinds

of icons that were unknown to anyone but a Sony Geek, I went to the manual only to find out

the digital audio output had BEEN TURNED OFF. Why is it not hot all the time. Why would anyone

want to turn it off?????????????????????????????????

It took a while to manipulate the NON intuitive menu and its selective controls to turn it on.

Who thought making the setup as complicated as possible was a good idea and more importantly

who the hell approved it in Japan????????

If cooking were this complicated we would all starve.

Every permutation of selections are in this menu, 95% are unnecessary at best.

Sony lost $1,000.000.000 last year...obviously the management never uses their own

products........same goes for Yamaha, Pioneer, Denon et al.
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