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Default Re: Toshiba to build Blu-Ray player!

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
Why pay 2 royalties? Are you talking about Toshiba or the consumer? Toshiba owns HD DVD so I don't see what royalties they'd need to pay. As for the consumer, the consumer who would want a dual-format player is a consumer with HD DVDs... so I don't think they'd mind having an HD DVD logo on their box.

Some folks had purchased over a hundred HD DVDs by the time the format door shut in favor of Blu-ray. Wouldn't those folks like having a new piece of hardware able to play those discs given the uncertainty of how long their dedicated HD DVD player may hold out? That's worth a few extra dollars for someone with a large collection.
But it's worth nothing to people who do not have any hd-dvd's.
The higher cost of making it a dual format player would likely kill it in the market.
I can certainly understand people wanting this feature if they did have a lot of hd-dvd's but it's a dead format & they should concentrate on the future instead of looking to the past.
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