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Originally Posted by flaminio View Post
If you read my one quote I said that I used the cheapest "speaker' wire I could get. I only increased my 'speaker' wire, not sub cables,but speaker wire from 16 gauge to 12 gauge and experienced a big difference in sound. If your ears are not good enough to hear the difference or if you are using a toy system, then I can understand, but when you use quality equipment, wires and cables can make a difference. And don't tell me you are using Bose. That stuff is junk. I have some and I have tried some and it ain't worth it.
Sorry, but I didn't read your quote. As far as switching from 16 gauge wire to 12 gauge, the difference of properly manufactured two conductor copper wire is as follows:

16 gauge copper wire maximum lengths @ 2 ohms = 12 feet @ 4 ohms = 24 feet @ 6 ohms= 36 feet @ 8 ohms = 48 feet

12 gauge copper wire maximum lengths @ 2 ohms = 30 feet @ 4 ohms = 60 feet @ 6 ohms = 90 feet @ 8 ohms = 120 feet

Since many speakers have varying resistance throughout their range, such as an 8 ohm speaker might dip to 2-3 ohms at certain low frequencies, it is generally a good idea to use wire diameters that meet the 2 ohm criteria.

I almost always use 12 gauge Belden (or Blue Jean Cables wire) for my connections. I have borrowed friends ultra-expensive silver wire of similar diameters with no audible difference. This is to be expected, as the difference in resistances, capacitances, and induction between the wires is nominal.

And I do have two quality systems in my house. My great room has an Aragon 2007 amp and an Aragon Stage One pre-amp. These are connected to ProAc Response 2 speakers (a pair) and also a pair of PSB Startus Gold i's.

In my media room I have an Emotiva XPA-5 amp connected to an Integra DHC 9.9 surround pre-amp. The speakers are 2 pairs of Monitor Audio Gold Reference GR10's and an the Gold Reference center channel, with a HSU ULS-15. The HDTV is a Pioneer plasma 6020 60" . I was fortunate enough to have won a contest a few months back and was sent a NeptuneEQ, which has done wonders in balancing the sound in the room. Far superior to the Audyssey Multi-EQ that comes with the Integra DHC-9.9

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