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Default Re: Marantz vs Rotel vs Anthem

Finally calibrated my Anthen D2V with the ARC. This is by far the best room correction soft ware that I have ever heard. Seemless transition from speakers to sub both in movies and in two channel it far surpassed my expectations. This is the first time I have heard a room correction good enough to leave on in two channel. (I have an awesome room, so most of the time room correction sounds worse) Audessy is pre-school level compared to the ARC software.

I have heard a ton of pre pros over the last 5 years (pretty much everything but the Theta gear) and the Anthem really lives up to its repuation. I haven't played around with the video much yet. Just using it as a pass through to my Runco RS-1100. I'm more of an audiophile than videophile anyway.

Also, just had an opportunity to play with the Arcam AVR600 for about 3 months. This peice is a real winner. Unbelieveable sonics. The room correction is on par or slightly better than Audessy, so if you have a really poor room Anthem may be a better choice. If your room is decent to begin with, then Arcam should be on your short list.

Their engineers added a separate audio clock to their HDMI circuitry. This gets the jitter rate down in the range of 12 pico secs. Running HDMI from a PS3, this was the first time that I really felt uncompressed blue ray was really worth it. It was like listening to a very high end cd player only better. The digital glare and harshness that I have exeperienced with all other processors was gone.
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