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Originally Posted by gstarr View Post
A manufacturer of wires and cables would almost have to try to purposely to screw up the resistance, capacitance, and the induction to obtain an audible difference in wires (cables).

Do you realize that the quantity of basic OFHC Copper wire in the average speaker or subwoofer can be hundreds of feet? What makes anyone think the 5 to 20 feet of proper diameter cabling is going to make a difference?

The main reason that many people think that expensive cabling is necessary is because Monster Cable started this BS many years ago and the retailers were elated to propagate this BS for the simple reason that they often make more money on cables/wires then they do on the rest of the system.

If you read my one quote I said that I used the cheapest "speaker' wire I could get. I only increased my 'speaker' wire, not sub cables,but speaker wire from 16 gauge to 12 gauge and experienced a big difference in sound. If your ears are not good enough to hear the difference or if you are using a toy system, then I can understand, but when you use quality equipment, wires and cables can make a difference. And don't tell me you are using Bose. That stuff is junk. I have some and I have tried some and it ain't worth it.
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