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Smile Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?


A digital processor is a "computer" that sometimes has propietary algorytms to re-construct the analog wave of sound, as our ear cannot hear digital sound.

My expereince began with a Nakamichi MB-2 CD player which I tought to be a goood one. I carried it all the way to my High-End retailer in Mexico City. He kindly connected it to the sistem I was building and purchasing from them. That was for listening to the Thiels 3.6 I was saving for, and to know how my system will sound when I finally ended building it (cables, et. al.).

The sound was DISGUSTING: flat, crispy, no trasients, lack of detail, etc, etc. Very NASTY indeed compared with the same system using a Theta Digital front end that the store for demonstrating me my previous purchases (Audio Research Pre and Amp). I was about to jump from the window: More than $7,000.000 WASTED.

I asked the salesman, Carlos if he tought that connecting a DAC the Nakamichi will sound better: "POR SUPUESTO" (of course), He categorally and firmly answered me. I tought previously that he was trying to "advice me" to purchase an unneded piece of equipment because I thought mi Nakamichi was a fine one. MY MISTAKE. After conecting a Theta Cobalt my soul returned to my body it was all there; DETAIL, body, presence, 3D, more bass, SPACE AMONG MUSICIANS; you could distinguish among violins, you could hear that a corus is actually made out of various vioces -not a single BIG voice.

It was like: Is a Jetta a good car? Could it be, but compared to a PORSCHE...

I do not need to say to you that my credit card flashed and made the purchase in the spot! Later I had to think over how to pid for it (LOL) : )

After a month of going to sleep at 3 AM discovering details in my records that I did not knew were there (have you heard the voices and laugh in Toto's Africa begining? It really scare the $%&$ out of me.) I thought: If this is the entry level DAC how good could it be a more expensive one? So I began to save more green and purchased a REAL Theta Digital. I ended up with two DACs: the Cobalt had better bass that the Pro Basic, the later was more detailed and musical.

Today I own a Theta Generation V an would like to up-grade it to a Generation Vlll, but now that Theta was purchased and remembering the BAD service politics the had even in Neil Synclair's age (previous owner)...

I hope my history will serve you.

Greetings from Mexico where having our hobby is way more difficult and expensive!
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