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Default Re: Dish Wins Stay in TiVo Spat


The business model for cable and satellite programming providers is based on their decisions that ALL programming is rented by the consumer and not owned. Their business plans are obviously based on maximizing income, hence they feel that every different place you use a different receiver is a different rental opportunity. This is true even when you own the receiver.

The only way around this (other then the courts), is to buy or build devices that can stream programming from the original receiver unbeknownst to the cable or satellite provider.

I presume the providers have convinced the courts that it is alright for them to charge this way because consumers have other options, such as cable, satellite, OTA, and computer streaming. It is a somewhat shaky proposal, but it seems to have convinced the courts. This is somewhat odd, as the courts have sometimes said one can make a copy of programming that they already paid for.

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