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Default Re: Dish Wins Stay in TiVo Spat

This is the kind of "legal wrangling" that is expected when greed overrides ethics. As a consumer, it would seem, we lose either way in that whatever settlement or legal decision is forthcoming the ultimate user will pay for something we used to get for free when the trusty betamax could be programed to record a show for free.

Granted it's light years ahead to look at a grid of programs for almost any time frame and select which is of interest and mark them to be recorded and have it work without a hitch...But, I have always felt a bit violated that this costs me an extra $5 or $6 monthly for the priviledge. Someone is making obscene profit on this it would seem. What I'd like is for the consumer to win whereby we could do this at no extra charge since after all we're paying for all programing regardless of if we can watch it or not.

I'm all for Tivo getting paid for the modern DVR technology that both satellite vendors obviously "glommed", but by making it where the consumer has no option other than to pay a monthly fee to record programming paid for is inherently wrong I feel. If you can tell me a device that I can connect to my satellite system that will record and playback HD in full resolution (no HTPC's please) without a monthly fee I'll step away from my soapbox. I'm guessing that device doesn't exist. What's the difference if I record OTA programs vs. the same received over satellite? There are devices, I assume, that record OTA full HD without paying monthly fees...Correct?

While I'm on the box...Is is not greed that also mandates a montly extra fee for a satellite receiver that is not connected to a phone line? If I don't wish to order a PPV broadcast anyway why should I have to pay extra because I don't want to do this??? I've been a satellite customer for over 12 years and I've never ordered PPV. One of my receivers couldn't be connected to a phone line simply because of a contractors error where the phone jack in the wall of a new room where the a/v cabinet was compromised somewhere and never worked. I do not want to rip out sheetrock just to find where the flaw is and I, certainly, prefer not to have to pay extra monthly because I do not wish to do this. All this greed is very consumer unfriendly.
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