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Originally Posted by GrtGrfx View Post
Yeah, you did. Monster. And you did NOT mention wire guage. So you made a fool of your SELF. Wow. Pay attention to your own quotes.
That was for my subwoofers cables, not my speaker wires. Duh, I wouldn't have used 12 gauge for my subwoofers, I used that for my speakers. I said if you just paid attention you wouldn't make yourself sound so dumb. I did not use Monster on my speakers, I used the cheapest stuff I could get and it still made a huge difference. Whether it is sub cables or speaker wires, the quality or size of the product can really make a difference. The first guy inferred that all I did was bump my volume and that was not the case. What made the difference was changing the cables and the wires, not bumping the volume and he is the one I was explaining this to.
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