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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Heats Up For The Fall


My definition of a present is something you want but wouldn't buy yourself as either it is too expensive and/or you don't really need it.

If this fits many others idea, then the sales of the new players will really take off for the holidays in this and subsequent years. I am a little concerned about the studios change in policy. Making there movies available in only one format means we will need two high def players to really reap the benefits and enjoy all the content. I have both formats, so for me it's no big deal, but for most people getting into the HD disc world, this makes the leap much harder to take....

When two movies that would make you buy a player are each only in opposing formats, which one do you choose??

My guess is for most people, it will be neither.

I wish one format would bow out and the war would end, but alas I am smart enough to realize this won't happen any time soon....
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