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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
Do you work in the field of science by any chance. Because I find that the ones that have the biggest problems with hearing are either scientists or techies. Sorry. But it's true. Almost sad really. Because audible differences do exist (with the obvious caveat of "diminishing returns" of course).
There was an implication that the resistance in the cable would make the difference and that difference in a 3 foot cable would be the difference between 2 ohms and 1 ohm. Of course a three foot cable in copper is neither 1 ohm or 2 ohms, so the point was completely missed. In fact a 3 foot interconnect cable has no resistance problems, either copper or silver. They could have impedance problems by the use of different dielectrics being used between the two cables where the hype of silver would allow a higher price to cover the dielectric cost. Why? It is easier to sell resistance than impedance a factor most people have no knowledge of and how it affects alternating current circuits such as audio signals.

If you think sound is better using high priced cables, I am happy for you and the economy. I just don't see it.

Trying to infer that a background one way or the other would influence ones hearing puts the argument squarely in the emotional arena and thus the possibility that some are wrong because they don't let emotions rule their thoughts.

Bottom line is for those that are convinced the silver cables help and are convinced they can actually hear a difference, I am glad for them. For others that don't see any difference, I am glad for them also. I am in the later camp.
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