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Originally Posted by Lee Bailey View Post
Blue Jeans Cable for my RCA analog and digital connections. Blue Jeans Cable for my HDMI connections. Monster Z1 and Z2 cable for my speakers (I won a $1000.00 worth of their z cable products several years ago on an online contest they held).
Yes, Blue Jeans cables are good, but I would still use cheaper cables except that they will provide custom lengths and different colors for no extra charge. Now, when I look at the back of my equipment, its neat, clean, and very easy to trace cables! That is what makes them worth it for me. I did get a 35' Monster HDMI cable for $24.00 at Circuit City when they folded; I could not resist, since the original price was an exorbitant $399.00!! Otherwise I would have had Blue Jeans make me a custom length or bought from www.monoprice. A friend bought a 30' HDMI cable from, works fine, looks just like the Monster Cable competitor. As I recall, Monster Cable was one of the pioneers of the phony marketing claim to justify super profit cables. I have always used 12 gauge copper speaker cables, since the mid 1960s; I never heard of anyone else using such wires until the 1980s. I bought the most flexible available, price was always reasonable. I thought the coat hanger double blind test was hilarious. So did Bob Carver, we had a good chuckle over that. Bob has a degree in physics, founded three high end audio companies, considers the expensive cable marketing to be a scam that diminishes credibility of audio manufacturers that try to provide good products for reasonable prices without hype and misleading claims that are akin to the claims by purveyors of patent medicine and snake oil.
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