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Default Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

Originally Posted by kloneman View Post
I inherited a pair of Klipsch K-horns that turned 30 years old in the same year that the company produced the 60th anniversary edition, in the forward left and right positions. I wish I had a LaScala in the center and another pair of K-horns in the rear. I'd need to do a bit of surgery on my room to create another set of corners though.

These present a real challenge, as I have to attenuate the amp output by over 10dB on their channels to get them to balance with my other speakers, but they sure are fun.
I too use K-Horns, mine however are a clone of the the infamous Klipsch made by a company formerly out of Seattle; SpeakerLab. I made mine from scratch in the late 70's using the plans and driver's purchased from SpeakerLab. These form the front soundstage for my Home Theater...

For the center channel I replicated the top section of the K-horns, I was lucky enough to find all of the original horns just outside of Seattle, a guy had them advertised in " The Little Nickel Want Ad's".

BTW, I built all of the surround speakers as well using Vifa components. The next thing will be a bass reinforcement subwoofer system using Eminence Lab 12 drivers in clamshell-horn loaded enclosure; the Lab
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